Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Find Yourself

Find Yourself

Often comes a question in mind when you think what actually you want to do in your life? Are you in the right direction? Are you doing enough and are you able to find your potential? These all are the kind of questions which frustrate a lot and there are no easy straight answers to these.

I went over all of these questions in recent times, read plenty of  books, articles and personalities. After doing all of these I came up with few steps one needs to follow to be where one wants to be and be satisfied in what you do.

Here-under are few suggestions/observations which I am following myself and from my own experiences I found these useful, hence I came up with an idea of sharing them:

At first what you need to do is just list all possible things which you can end up doing by answering this simple question "What do I really want to do?" be honest to yourself and write every thing that comes to the mind. After selecting one exact thing assess yourself where you stand to actually achieve that. Then here-under are few steps I came up with to actually achieve that:

1- Identify area(s) to improve

2- Prepare 

3- Make realistic short term and long term milestones

4- Honestly allocate daily time slab to reach to those milestones

5- Check points to monitor progress

6- Execute (Honestly follow all above rules)

I'll keep on adding my thoughts on it. I hope to see some feedback or any suggestion to improve.