Play Framework: Buildjobs using Jenkins

Steps to Setup Playframework Build Jobs using Jenkins

1. Download playframework 2.x version, unzip and place it some directory:

               Download path:

2. Add play path to system variable e.g C:/play

3. Download Jenkins:

              Download path:

4. After installation is complete, go to manage Jenkins:

5. Download play-auto-test plugin:

             Download path:

6. Go to Manage plugins, and install downloaded plug in
7. Open configure System, select JDK and give JAVA_HOME path:

8. Give path to play framework script.

9. Go to New Job, give build job name, select “Build a free-style software project”

10. Press OK, in next screen select source code management system and give path to repository:

11. In “Build”, select “Play” and give play commands, in post build actions, select play! Auto-test reports:

12. Save it, build job is ready.